Access to Care

Our Solutions

Helping people to get, and stay on, their healthcare journey requires a bit of techology and a good team behind it.

We partner with our clients to tackle their most important challenges

Closing Care Gaps

  • Improve HEDIS score measures
  • Boost Star ratings
  • Boost state-level quality scores
  • Increase CMS reimbursement

Health Risk Assessments

  • Facilitate early identification of high-risk members
  • Boost cost savings by addressing health risks early
  • Personalize care plans based on the information collected through the HRA

Referral Management & Provider Support

  • Give low-performing provider groups the tools (and resources) they need to get members the care they need
  • Improve provider satisfaction by increasing member show rate


  • Improve member experience (CAHPS)
  • Identify high-risk targets, engage them, and offer to schedule them for Annual Wellness Visits

Navigating Access to Care

  • Respond to at-home test kit results
  • Improve access to PCPs, specialists, mental health and SDoH services
  • Reduce health disparities
  • Enhance care coordination
  • Increase show rate/follow-through

Engaging & Retaining New Members

  • Improve new member experience
  • Keep members from plan-jumping
  • Drive full PCP attribution
  • Schedule Annual Wellness Visits

Improving Risk Adjustment Performance

  • Schedule appropriate follow-up care
  • Meet CMS coding requirements
  • Identify high-value targets and schedule their risk adjustment visit

Don’t see the program you’re looking for? That’s OK. We can design one just for you.

We customize programs to fit our clients’ needs and taylor them to drive the outcomes you specify.

Our Approach

Data + Empathy = Connections that Create Value

We drive value for payer and provider organizations, transforming access to care by using a curated provider database, an innovative Perfect Matchsearch and scheduling platform, proprietary member engagement and outreach from our care navigators and hands-on approach to program management, that combined, makes the complex problem of getting people to the right care easy. 

ReferWell Process


The ReferWell Platform

Data Informing Meaningful Healthcare Outcomes

ReferWell’s platform is built using a curated provider database and an innovative Perfect Matchsearch and scheduling technology that uniquely empowers Care Navigators with the data they need to make meaningful connections and drive positive healthcare outcomes.

Displays in-network options for each patient

Filters referral providers by insurance accepted, subspecialty, responsiveness, location and language

Seamlessly schedules appointments and sends reminders and follow-ups

Provides a real-time view of patient, referring provider and specialist behavior and status.

Manages and tracks providers’ behavior to encourage loop closure

Detailed reporting on appointments, utilization, and provider availability 

Trusted & Trained

ReferWell Care Navigation

Building Relationships with Empathy and Understanding

At ReferWell, our Care Navigators are dedicated to exceeding expectations in member engagement. Trained to cultivate trust and empathy, they specialize in connecting with members at the pivotal referable moment℠, when they’re poised to embark on their healthcare journey. This strategic approach ensures seamless and integrated care delivery, underpinning ReferWell’s established success in driving superior outcomes for payer and provider organizations.

Actively build trust with members and work to eliminate barriers to care.

Work to understand the needs of the people they are contacting, listen with empathy, and ultimately help them find a solution to get them to the care they need

Look at all the aspects of why someone may not be addressing their health needs including social determinants of health, location, availability, gender, etc.

Our care operations team members personally verify provider network data

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