How Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona is Reinventing the Member Journey

Jul 12, 2023 | Podcasts

Phylicia Schroeder, Manager, Provider Engagement and Quality Analytics at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona Medicare Advantage and Janine Wakim, Head of Operations at ReferWell, join Eric to discuss how the plan is transforming the member journey by instituting a cultural shift putting the member’s needs above the plan’s needs, adding that to accomplish this goal, the plan uses data and predictive analytics to learn about what makes its members unique.

Topics include:

  • Member journey mindset
  • Navigation and physician scheduling
  • Data integration, risk mitigation (as it relates to CAHPS)
  • Provider engagement

Phylicia and Janine share many bright spots your plan can implement to provide a tailored experience for your members!

    This episode was recorded by Brightspots in Healthcare, hosted by Eric Glazer.

    Panalist include:

    • Phylicia Schroeder
      Manager, Provider Engagement and Quality Analytics at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona Medicare Advantage
    • Janine Wakim
      Chief Customer Officer at ReferWell

    This episode is sponsored by ReferWell

    Health plans are acutely aware that they are measured and graded on quality, experience and health equity more so than ever before. Their biggest challenge is to impact those areas directly.

    ReferWell helps health plans advance health equity by scheduling underserved members for the care they need, be it medical, care gap appointments or — through your community partnerships — appointments for transportation assistance, nutritional counseling, mental health services and other community-based organization offerings.

    Data shows that ReferWell’s solution directly impacts the members who need it most.

    ReferWell care navigators find the Perfect Match right at the referable moment (when the member is leaning into their care) and schedules the member while on the phone. It’s a proven process that provides better access, experience and outcomes for members, and better quality performance, which affects the health plan’s bottom line.

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