Why the ACA Consumer Experience Sucks and How Select Health Fixed It

Oct 27, 2023 | Podcasts

Kim Barrus, MSN, RN, PMP, Director, Clinical Outcomes Management of SelectHealth, joins Eric to discuss how her plan reinvented the consumer experience for ACA Marketplace health plans.

With almost half of ACA Marketplace customers complaining about making appointments with providers and other process challenges, SelectHealth committed to reversing the trend and implementing a complete, end-to-end consumer experience.

Kim shares the results of SelectHealth’s efforts and outlines the plan’s strategy giving members the seamless experience they want. Listen and get the roadmap for remaking your plan’s ACA consumer experience!


    This episode was recorded by Brightspots in Healthcare, hosted by Eric Glazer.

    About Kim Barrus

    Kim Barrus began her career with SelectHealth 26 years ago and has worked in various capacities. She developed the SelectHealth Advanced Primary Care (a.k.a. patient-centered medical home) program. She facilitated the initial pilots of the program in 2010. Today the program has 1,240 participating providers at 222 participating clinics. In her current role, Kim oversees quality, medical home, NCQA accreditation, HEDIS and CMS Stars.

    Kim is a registered nurse who received her Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems and maintains a Project Management Professional (PMP) certification from the Project Management Institute (PMI).

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