ReferWell and CareJourney Announce Joint Solution Aimed at Helping ACOs and Health Plans Improve Outcomes

Nov 2, 2023 | News

STAMFORD, CT November 2, 2023 (Business Wire) – ReferWell, the leading digital health company in patient care scheduling, and CareJourney, the market leader in provider cost and quality data, have announced the release of ReferWell’s Perfect Match solution powered by CareJourney to assist accountable care organizations (ACOs) and health plans in improving patient outcomes and reducing costs.

“We’re thrilled to add the power of CareJourney’s analytics to our solution in order to provide clients with an unparalleled ability to maximize both their outcomes and their cost performance,” said Vytas Kisielius, CEO of ReferWell. “The combination of our ability to instantly schedule patient visits with CareJourney’s provider intelligence data enables us to display the highest-value options appropriate to each patient. That’s a win for the patients, the ACO or health plan, and the providers themselves.”

Available today, CareJourney’s unique data-driven quality and cost scores identify providers that are the highest value source of quality care at the lowest cost in each market. By integrating CareJourney’s clinically relevant, specialty-specific, and statistically rigorous cost and quality insights into ReferWell’s proprietary Perfect Match search and care scheduling technology, ACOs and health plans deliver a better member experience and improved outcomes at the lowest possible cost.

“We are delighted to join forces with ReferWell to better assist ACOs and health plans in improving access to care that is targeted to the highest value providers in each market,” said Dan Ross, CEO of CareJourney. “By combining our powerful data with ReferWell’s advanced capabilities, clients can better engage their members and provide them with the best care possible and improve overall cost performance.”

“At CareAbout Health, our business is powered by technology-enabled solutions, and through collaborative strategies with our partners at ReferWell and CareJourney, we deliver meaningful, and value-based solutions to our 6000+ medical providers across our networks,” said Dr. Nedal Shami, CEO of CareAbout Health. “We are excited for the next phase of their evolution together, as we collectively transform the industry by redefining what is possible.”

If you are an ACO or a health plan looking to take advantage of ReferWell’s Perfect Match solution powered by CareJourney, please connect with us here!

About ReferWell:
ReferWell empowers health plans and provider organizations to accelerate access to care and improve patient outcomes for more than 5 million members and patients. We take a strategic partnership approach to create solutions that prioritize human-centric member engagement, guiding patients on their care journey. Clients leverage ReferWell’s proprietary care scheduling technology and care concierge service to help patients re-engage with their healthcare and ensure that they receive the vital care they need. ReferWell’s approach reshapes healthcare delivery by placing the patient experience at the heart of the solution. Our mission is to facilitate more efficient, patient-centric care scheduling to optimize health outcomes.

Media Contact:

Rich Forristall
Head of Marketing

About CareJourney:
More than 150 customers trust CareJourney as the healthcare industry’s best source of provider cost and quality data, working with partners to supercharge their solutions and internal data with high-value insights. CareJourney’s mission is to empower individuals and organizations they trust with open, clinically-relevant analytics and insights in the pursuit of the optimal healthcare journey. CareJourney’s cloud-based analytics platform helps health care organizations build and grow networks, improve provider performance, identify network integrity and strengthen referrals, and better manage at-risk populations.

Media Contact:
Deepika Kumar
Chief Marketing Officer

About CareAbout Health
CareAbout Health provides management, resources, value-add services, technology, and other support to its portfolio of medical groups and healthcare focused companies. CareAbout Health is helping align incentives to create a world where patients, providers, and payers work together in a seamless, coordinated manner toward common goals: higher quality, lower costs, better outcomes, and healthier communities. For more information, please visit

Media Contact:
Will Nestor
Chief Administrative Officer, CareAbout Health
Operating Partner, Ascend Capital Partners

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